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Sea Consulting promueve la comisiòn IAEG C28 en la cuantificaciòn de la fiabilidad del modelo geològico en los grandes proyectos de ingenierìa civil

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Proposal to 2009 Council meeting for initiation of new Commission

Title: IAEG C 28 - Reliability quantification of the geological model in large civil engineering projects

Objective: Develop guidelines for the quantification of the reliability of geological models in large civil engineering works (e.g. tunnels, dams, roads, underground works).  Provide expressions of reliability/uncertainty of the geological, geotechnical, geomechanical and hydrogeological conditions affecting the works. 

Terms of Reference: The Italian group of the IAEG started in September 2007 the woks of a national technical commission on this topic. According to the discussion undertaken by Italian group (see http://www.iaeg.it/comm_opere_sott.htm), the following steps may be undertaken for geological model definition:

i) data collection and organisation,

ii) data analysis,

iii) building up of the reference geological model,

iv) procedure for quantifying model reliability. 

It follows therefore that C28 should pursue the following tasks: 

1.      List methods for collecting, organizing and analysing geological data; 

2.      Examine the role of the geological investigations for improving model reliability 

3.      Integrate the quantification of geological reliability in risk analysis; this should improve the effectiveness of risk sharing in contracts between the Owner, the Engineer and the Contractor. 

4.      Show examples of completed large civil works where the quantification of geological reliability affected the project development. 

5.      Develop and maintain a dedicated area within the IAEG web site 

6.      Communicate progress via IAEG web site and meetings  

7.      Present a comprehensive report at 2010 Congress in New Zealand 

Proposal prepared by:

Antonio Dematteis. 

Address for correspondence: dematteis@seaconsult.eu

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