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SEA Consulting promote IAEG C28 commission on Reliability quantification of the geological model in large civil engineering projects

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The experience gained from the challenges faced in over ten years of activity has enabled SEA Consulting to bring a large number of projects to fruition.

These include works in the fields of geology, hydrogeology and geomorphology, all based on defining and perfecting the Reference Geological Model, which is central to the corporate philosophy of SEA Consulting.


Some typical projects handled by us recently are given below.

Main projects in PDF.

Calabria (Italy). Period: 2004-2005. Client: Salerno-Reggio Calabria SCpa, Stone.

Salerno – Reggio Calabria motorway: Modernisation and adaptation to type 1 of CNR/80 standards, from Km 423+300 (Scilla junction included) to Km 442+920.

Geological, hydrogeological, geomorphological and geotechnical-geomechanical studies in the context of the Executive Project for surface and underground works on the stretch of motorway between the Scilla junction and Reggio Calabria.

Valle di Susa (Piedmont, Italy) and Valle dell’Arc (Savoy, France). Period: 2002-2005. Client: Lyon Turin Ferroviaire Sas (LTF).
New Turin-Lyons transalpine rail link: cross-border stretch between Bussoleno and Saint Jean de Maurienne.

Hydrogeological study of the area where the line is to be built. This aims to characterise aquifers, predict tunnel in-flows and possible impacts on surface water resources, and, finally, develop a geographic information system (GIS).

Modane–Avrieux (France). Period: ongoing since 2002. Client: Lyon Turin Ferroviaire Sas (LTF).

New Turin-Lyons transalpine rail link: Modane winze.

Geological–geotechnical and geomechanical assistance to the project management team.

Val di Susa (Piedmont, Italy). Period: 2001-2002. Client: Council of Exilles (Turin).
Geological-technical study of the rock faces overlooking the hamlets of Cels (Rif and Morliere); geomechanical-structural and geomorphological-structural study.

Hazard assessment in the hamlet of Cels in relation to rock falls and landslide phenomena through geomechanical and structural study; evaluation of the relative risk and identification of essential countermeasures.

Front-Rivarossa (Piedmont, Italy). Period: 2000-2004. Client: Provincial government of Turin.
Alterations to State Road 460: Lombardore-Front link (Turin).

Geological studies in the context of the Preliminary and Definitive Projects for the construction of the Lombardore-Front road link, as well as for identifying the potential overflow area of the river Malone.

Val di Susa (Piedmont, Italy). Period: 1999-2003. Client: Council of Bussoleno.

General Town Plan.

Geological surveys in relation to the General Town Plan, with special reference to evaluation of the alluvial fan hazard.

Val di Susa (Piedmont, Italy). Period: 1996-2003. Client: Pont Ventoux Scrl
Pont Ventoux-Susa Hydroeletric powe plant.
Geological assistance during construction design phase.

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