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SEA Consulting promote IAEG C28 commission on Reliability quantification of the geological model in large civil engineering projects

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"Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet project requirements” (PMI – 2000).

SEA Consulting is involved in the field of project management since 1999 and guarantees a clever project planning in terms of resources, costs, methods, presentation and risk analysis to Italian and foreigners Construction companies; SEA Consulting also provides assistance for the construction phase and claims.

During the planning phase SEA Consulting analyses the entire project by means of an integrated assessment on the design process and the construction phase in order to achieve the following results:

  • To point out in advance problems to avoid or contain possible effects;
  • To assure the best clearness on the links between cost, time and technical performances for all the project phases;
  • To individuate opportunity to accelerate the process, reduce costs and improve technical aspects.

During the programming phase, SEA Consulting develops and manages following an integrated approach the planning activities in order to define:

  • Activities duration, clustered according to project WBS and logical links that determine the critical path, by means of software such as Microsoft Project, Project Planner and Railways diagrams;
  • Resources: people and means involved, optimizing load and usage time;
  • Costs: quotation of costs, direct and indirect, that define the BOQ, organized following the WBS project, by means of SRT PV2 and market analysis;
  • Methods: definition of Method’s statement, with the description of infrastructure to be built, analysis of operative system and construction phases, according to Construction companies choices and following contract indications;
  • Risk Analysis: risk identification and assessment and definition of corrective measures aimed at avoiding or mitigating critical situation effects;
  • Presentation: results are presented with the support of schemes and 3D/4D models, to illustrate Method’s Statement during the negotiation phase between the outsourcer and the construction company.

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